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Since 2003, SAC Management India Pvt. Ltd. is offering
Artificial Intelligence - Data Scientist Certification Course
Classes: 45 Days(45 Hours)| Live Online
NSDC Approved Training Center
Our Data Scientist Course Topics
Hadoop Framework
Big Data Analytics
Python Programming
Advanced Python Programming
Comprehensive Data Science with Python
Data Science
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Data Scientist Training

Artificial Intelligence -Data Scientist Certification Course

Individuals at this job are responsible for performing different elements of data science such as importing and pre processing data, performing exploratory analysis, research and design of algorithmic models.

It covers Online contents of Hadoop Framework, Big Data Analytics, Python Programming, Advanced Python Programming, Data Science, Comprehensive Data Science with Python, MongoDB.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the use cases of AI & Big Data Analytics in various industries and define the various roles under this occupation.
  • Define basic statistical concepts used for analysis such as measures of central tendency like mean, median, or mode, or statistical anomalies like missing values, bias, or outliers.
  • Use tools such as statistical IDEs, or software packages, libraries and frameworks for importing and pre-processing data.
  • Apply different methods to import data from various file formats.
  • Apply different methods to pre-process data such as removing missing values or transforming incorrect data types
  • Apply different methods to explore data such as summarizing data, dimension reduction and defining correlations
  • Assess the most appropriate way to report data by identifying the right audience and creating a suitable narrative
  • Use statistical tools such as statistical integrated development environments (IDEs), or software packages, libraries and frameworks for importing, preprocessing, exploring and visualizing data.
  • Evaluate the uses of different data management tools and platforms
  • Develop data integrations for storage and access such as data warehouses and data lakes, or processing such as data pipelines
  • Understanding the Data Science Concepts
  • Apply basic and advanced data model like Regression , Classification , Clustering , Association
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