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Who we are, Our VISION, Our MISSION, Our MOTTO

SAC Management India Private Limited” ( is one of the well-known and established “Manpower Recruitment, career counseling, professional training, and test preparation service provider ” and a fast growing “JOB PORTAL” based at the city of Nawabs i.e. Lucknow. We are providing services to the corporate clients, job seekers and students since 2003 and now we are holding prestigious rank amongst top most recruitment & training program , career counseling service provider Globally.” is a part of this and becoming a well-established brand in the world, and is serving as a multiple assistance Portal by providing on-line & off-line services to our Clients, Students and Jobseekers globally.


That’s why we put a step forward towards the world called "" Portal where everyone feels free to find out everything according to their needs & wants.

Our VISION is to become a premier name when it comes to Portal by playing a vital role in development and growth of our visitors.

Our MISSION is to impart highest standard through our assistance Portal, Recruitment services, training program, resume development, career counseling and exam preparation services in order to help our Clients , Job- Seekers and Students to achieve their objectives.

Our MOTTO our Energy lies in our synergy with our clients, Job- Seekers and Students.

We are providing comprehensive, efficient and professional services in all type of Industries and in every sector at each level. Our highly qualified professional Experts always keep in mind the Vision, Mission and Motto of our organization and work effectively to give their best for the Employers as well as to the Job Seekers and students.

From the date of its establishment SAC Management India Private Limited ( has continued to build on its resources, with an emphasis on its quality human capital value. We have done this over the years with a view to deliver customized quality solution to different industries.

To achieve the pioneer place in the area of Recruitment services, Professional Training, Resume Development services, Career Counseling and Exam preparation, we have bound our self to operate within the framework of core values, which include cohesive management, financial stability, strength, professionalism, stable structure, strong performance ethic, shared value, empowerment, honesty, integrity, motivated staff, transparency and honesty of actions etc. These practices are geared towards delivering Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) results to our clients on just-in-time (JIT) basis in all circumstances.

Our focus has always been in every Industry for all level of Management & Functional Areas so that we can provide solutions to corporate sectors / colleges /institutes as well as job-seekers & students. We are one of the leading Firm and having a Portal catering the needs of Visitors with an objective to develop strong relationship based on shared goals, common objectives & innovative solutions to provide services.

Our Services
  • Our Portal benefits job seekers, students and employers as they constantly compete and search for a resource which eventually fulfills their goals.
  • We are one stop for Colleges/Institutes/ Students for all their needs.
  • On-Line & Off-Line Recruitment Services.
  • Professional Training providers in all domains.
  • On-Line free Resume posting.
  • Career Oriented Resume writing services.
  • Job Counseling.
  • Career Counseling.
  • Exam Preparation (IELTS, TOEFL,PTE SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT)
  • Our Job Portal facilitates the registered users to search job and exchange their information with us.
  • We are providing quality career services that people could use to help them in their job search.
  • Providing solutions to each step in Recruitment Process to Employers & Employees.