Since 2003, SAC Management India Private Limited is offering Ace your Personality Training with 10 Essential Skills module
Duration: 3 Days(3 Hours) Price :- 1200/-
Up skill your Personality with our Live Online Training Sessions

Be prepared for the NEXT step to Growth! Learn the Prerequisites to be in the Corporate

1. Communication –

To fortify the ability to communicate: Learn The Art of Communication

2. Time Management –

To be the Multitasking expert: Learn Time Management

3. Emotional Intelligence –

To deal with the expressive trauma: Learn the importance of/ to Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence

4. Creativity –

To take your imagination and ideas into reality: Learn Creativity

5. Team Work –

To be competent to manage different roles: Learn Teamwork

6. Grooming-

To make your First impression count: Learn Grooming

7. Critical Thinking -

To be Rational and Analytic : Learn Critical Thinking

8. Positive Mindset -

To boost your mental and emotional attitude : Learn Positive Thinking

9. Adaptability -

To be the best fit in any environment/setting: Learn Adaptability

10. Leadership -

To enhance your ability to influence & Inclusiveness : Learn Leadership