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Employer Branding Visibility Online Service –

Avail the dual opportunity of recruiting candidates for your company as well as promoting your company through Check out….how?


Employer Branding Visibility Online Service –

Looking for an opportunity to get the best of talents as well as promote your company., is here, with it’s Employer Branding Visibility Online Service. How? provides you the Branding Solutions by it’s Employer Branding Visibility Online Service. Branding helps you to promote the company in a  very positive way and provides a direct link to the candidates to reach you. Employer Branding Visibility Online Service provides a quicker and spontaneous response from the candidates.  Add logo, map, picture and a link to company website so the candidate can directly get access to the list of company’s job vacancies at a single click. The candidate can directly get access to the list of company’s job vacancies at a single click.


We provide you the following services in Branding -

·         Banners                

·         Logos

·         Name Links

·         Corporate Mini Website

·         Walk-ins


Banners –

Banner Display of your company is a key promoter of your company. help build your brand in the market. Banner Display Service provides link of your company and takes the job aspirants directly to your company’s profile, your job vacancies, job ad, etc. and provides maximum responses to your search.


Logos –

Our Hot Jobs Section provide you the Logo service which help create your company brand very effectively in the market. Business Logos are very important aspect of the business industry as these logos gives the visual representation of the company and is actively use in marketing and advertising campaign. Logos provide a direct link to the company profile and job section at just a click.


Name Links –

Name Link is a very effective way to promote a company. By displaying your company name on, the employers can build their brand name amongst the job aspirants. Job aspirants become enthusiastic and inquisitive to know about the company. So, the employers can easily promote the company by Name Links option on


Corporate Mini Website –

The employer should know when & where to highlight it’s company so as to get an eye-catching view of it. Corporate Mini Website provides a mini intro. of  your company. It provides a page where your company’s brief introduction, careers, contact details, etc. in short a brief view of your company is displayed. So, as to aware the candidates regarding your company. It also enables the candidates to view and apply directly to the list of vacancies given by the company.

Walk-ins –

We provide you a zone for Walk-Ins Display on our website’s homepage, which gives you the benefit of attracting candidates directly to the interview venue. It provides you the services as under –

ü  Bulk recruitment

ü  Instant hiring

ü  Low recruitment Costs

ü  Quality resources

ü  Systematic hiring process

ü  Better offer to joining ratio


Key Features -

·         Get increased awareness and recognition for your products and services;

·         A strong brand will establish you and your business as experts in your field.

·         Differentiate yourself from competition;

·         Core messages will be created that truly reflect the features, benefits and unique qualities of your product or service.

·         Create a positive image in the minds of the targeted markets that is relevant and emotionally connected with their daily lives;

·         Increase sales; and

·         Enhance customer loyalty. – The fastest Growing Database of Employers.

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Walk In Interview Flash

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Valid for
15 days

Name Links

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Valid for
365 days


Rs. 70000.00 /-
Valid for
365 days


Rs. 100000.00 /-
Valid for
365 days

Corporate Mini Website

Rs. 150000.00 /-
Valid for
365 days